Collect Links with Bookmarklet

CuratedLetters has rolled out an exciting new feature – the Bookmarklet. This nifty tool is designed to streamline your newsletter curation process, allowing you to easily save links directly from your desktop browser. Let’s dive into how this feature can enhance your experience with CuratedLetters.


What is a Bookmarklet?

A bookmarklet is a small software application stored as a bookmark in a web browser. This tool facilitates performing certain functions, such as saving links to your newsletter. The CuratedLetters bookmarklet specifically allows you to effortlessly collect web links for your newsletter publications.

Installing the Bookmarklet

Step 1: Drag and Drop

The installation of the bookmarklet is straightforward. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Locate the Bookmarklet Button: On the left pane of the CuratedLetters platform, go to Publication Settings. Then, scroll to Integrations section and click Bookmarklet.
Publication Settings to Bookmarklet steps
  1. Drag to Your Bookmarks Bar: Click and hold the bookmarklet button, then drag it to your browser’s bookmarks bar. This action installs the bookmarklet. If you are having an issue dragging the button, add a new bookmark on your browser and copy the javascript code you find below the button.
Bookmarklet Settings highlighting Save to CuratedLetters Newsletter Publication

Step 2: Using the Bookmarklet

Once installed, using the bookmarklet is just a click away.

  • Browsing the Web: As you browse the internet, and find an interesting link for your newsletter, simply click the bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar.
  • Saving the Link: On clicking, the bookmarklet automatically saves the link to your CuratedLetters account for later use in your newsletter.

Manual Installation

In case you encounter any issues with dragging the bookmarklet, there’s an alternative manual method.

Creating a Bookmark Manually

  1. Add a New Bookmark: In your browser, add a new bookmark as you normally would.
  2. Edit the Bookmark: Instead of a usual URL, paste the JavaScript code provided by CuratedLetters into the URL field of your new bookmark.

This JavaScript code is specially designed to replicate the functionality of the bookmarklet, allowing you to save links with ease.

Advantages of Using CuratedLetters’ Bookmarklet

  • Efficiency: Save links quickly without leaving your browser.
  • Convenience: Collect links as you discover them, without needing to switch between applications.
  • Organization: Keep all your newsletter resources in one place, streamlining your publication process.

In conclusion, the CuratedLetters Bookmarklet is a powerful tool for content curators. It simplifies the process of collecting and organizing web links for newsletters, making your curation process more efficient and effective. Give it a try and see how it transforms your newsletter creation workflow!

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