How to Create Your First Newsletter, Add Rewards and Integrate 3rd Party Apps

CuratedLetters is not just another email platform.

It’s a tool designed with newsletters in mind.

Curate your publication using your unique content and style.

Get your own publication site with a searchable archive of past issues. 

Boost your subscriber count with our reward system. 

Integrate your favorite services like Zapier with our API

Manage your sponsors with ease and control their approval status.

Seamlessly import your issues and subscribers from with just a click.

Track your success and get detailed statistics for each published issue.

… and more!

How it Works

Link Collection

 As you come across valuable content, you can easily save these external links directly into your newsletter draft.  

Add Your Touch

CuratedLetters give you the freedom to handpick the best links and add your personal touch to each issue.

Time to Publish

Ensure your newsletters arrive at the optimal time, increasing the chances of them being opened and read. 

Empower your Communication

Engage your audience with content that matters. Free for up to 100 subscribers!

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