Why Choose CuratedLetters?

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Here’s why you’ll love us 

1. Create Impactful and Unique Publications 

With CuratedLetters, you have the power to create newsletters that truly reflect your brand and resonate with your audience, leading to more engagement and a stronger brand identity. And, having your own publication site with a searchable archive of past issues means your content is always accessible, increasing your visibility and providing more opportunities for engagement. 

2. Reach and Grow Your Audience

Schedule your newsletters to hit the inboxes when they’re most likely to be read, leading to higher open rates and more engagement. Plus, our unique reward system helps you grow your subscriber base and reach a larger audience for your content. 

4. Streamlined Workflow, More Efficiency

Unlock the full potential of CuratedLetters by integrating it with other services such as Zapier. Our API key gives you the power to connect and automate your tasks, making your workflow smoother and more efficient. We also offer integration with Chrome extension for an even more seamless experience. 

5. Effective Sponsor Management, Better Partnerships

Manage your sponsors with ease and maintain the quality and relevance of sponsorships in your newsletter, fostering better partnerships that add value to your newsletter. 

6. Measure Your Impact

Gain detailed insights for each published issue. Track total clicks, unique clicks, subscriber counts, open rates, and click rates. Understand your audience’s behavior and preferences to refine your content. 

With CuratedLetters, you’re not just sending newsletters, you’re driving results.  

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