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Custom Publication 

Define your brand and curate your newsletter instantly recognizable to your audience. Create a cohesive brand experience from your newsletter to your website using our email platform. 

Flexible Scheduling 

Pick when and how often you’d like your curated newsletters to land in inboxes. Cater to your audience’s reading habits and maximize engagement. 

Reward System 

Encourage more subscriptions with our unique reward system. Motivate your readers to share your newsletter and grow your subscriber base

Seamless Importing 

Move your issues and subscribers from with just a click. Make the transition to CuratedLetters smooth and hassle-free. 

Integrations and API Access 

Make CuratedLetters work with your favorite services like Zapier with our API. Automate tasks and streamline your workflow. 

Sponsor Management 

Keep an eye on all sponsor requests, delegate sponsors for each issue, and have the power to approve, decline, or block sponsors. Maintain the quality and relevance of sponsorships in your newsletter. 

Insightful Analytics 

Get detailed statistics for each published issue. Monitor total clicks, unique clicks, subscriber counts, open rates, and click rates. Understand your audience’s behavior and preferences to continuously improve your content. 

With CuratedLetters, you’re not just sending newsletters; you’re building meaningful connections with your audience. Ready to take your newsletters to new heights? 

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